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Identity theft is America’s fastest growing crime, where one new identity is stolen every two seconds. And unfortunately, identity crimes today go well beyond simple credit fraud. Fraudsters are now using personal information to gain access to tax refunds, medical care and coverage, passport and driver's license numbers, even online accounts and social media sites . . . the list goes on. Protect your family today with InfoArmor's industry-leading PrivacyArmor benefit, to catch more identity fraud sooner.

InfoArmor's industry-leading technology detects fraud at the source (when thieves first use your information to apply for accounts) to catch misuse sooner and minimize damages. By scanning data from wireless accounts, automobile and mortgage loans, High Risk Transactions (such as unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets) and more, your PrivacyArmor benefit can detect fraud before major damage is done.

Included free of charge is a monthly credit score, an annual credit report, and continuous credit monitoring to protect your identity and finances from fraud. Once enrolled, activate for free through your online account at www.myportal.infoarmor.com to access this feature.

Additionally, you can also activate SocialArmor for yourself and your family to monitor your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to give actionable alerts of cyberbullying and reputational damage including racist, violent, derogatory, vulgar, or inappropriate comments. Let us keep tabs on your online reputation so you don’t have to.

If you do become a victim of fraud, InfoArmor has specially trained experts to take the burden of identity restoration off your shoulders. This includes making a claim under our $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy to protect against associated costs, legal defense expenses, lost wages and more. In addition, your PrivacyArmor benefit includes free tools such as WalletArmor, CreditArmor, Digital Identity Report, PasswordArmor and more!

Enroll today to protect you and your family from the devastation - as well as lost time and money - that results from identity theft. Once your benefit is active, you will receive status updates and may login to your account at any time.


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Your full SSN will be required to enroll in this product.

InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor benefit is available to United States citizens residing in the country. All ages are welcome and there is no age limit for children to enroll. (i.e., infants all the way through older children away at college or similar (18+) or still living at the home may be enrolled.) Family is defined as children, as well as any other individuals living under the same household. Individuals may enroll at any time.


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